Placed up the X Window Manager I've been using for over a decade on GitHub. It provides simple full or split screen tiled windowing with virtual windows. Nothing more. Ideal for me, probably not ideal for you. Works great now that GIMP can be placed in "single window mode".

 Simple yet very useful single screen X Window Manager.
 Designed to minimize wasted user time interacting with windows.
 No configuration files.
 Tiny x86-64 binary.

 ALT+ESC .......... Close window.
 ALT+TAB .......... Cycle through window list on virtual screen (like Windows).
 ALT+` ............ Cycle window shape between full, and tiled positions.
 ALT+1 ............ Switch virtual screen left.
 ALT+2 ............ Switch virtual screen right.
 ALT+3 ............ Move focus window to virtual screen left.
 ALT+4 ............ Move focus window to virtual screen right.

 The windows list is ordered as follows,

  { most recently used, 2nd most recently used, ..., last used }

 While ALT is held down pressing TAB will cycle through list,
 going to the last reciently used window from the current window.
 It will wrap around at the end.
 After ALT is released, the list is updated.
 The new current window is moved to the front of the list.

 Only requires a C compiler and the X11 library.
 Try something like,

  gcc minwm.c -Os -o minwm -I/usr/X11/include -L/usr/X11/lib -lX11
  strip minwm

 Then setup your .xinitrc file like,

  xrdb -merge $HOME/.Xresources
  xterm -rv -ls +sb -sl 4096 &
  exec $HOME/minwm

 Then run xinit and then start programs from the terminal.


  1. never liked alt+tab thing. I have programs bound to specific shotcut. `s gives me shell, `1 to open editor with my current project, `f is a firefox, `p is a jabber, `c is a calendar, `P is a password manager and so on.

    1. This is exactly why I posted source, so anyone can do their own thing.

      I don't actually use ALT+TAB other than to switch between right and left split screen. I'm mostly full screen all the time with ALT+1 and ALT+2 to move around to different virtual screens.

    2. Well, i already have my own :) If only i knew using xcb was not a good idea after all.