Order 1886 Stills, NV Maxwell, Witness Stills

The Order 1886
High quality stills up on Gamersyde. Continuing to nail the blurred line between real-time game and CG film. Looking forward to this game and story.

NVIDIA's Maxwell
The first Maxwell GPUs are out, great to see continued perf/W scaling from NVIDIA in the current power limited era. Comparing the end of Kepler with the beginning of Maxwell in Wikipedia stats for similar power, TEX and ROP almost double, ALU in this comparison is under 2x,

GTX 750 (GM107) : 55 W, 1044 Gflop/s, 80 GB/s, 32.6 Gtex/s, 16.3 Grop/s
GT_ 640 (GK208) : 49 W, _803 Gflop/s, 40 GB/s, 16.7 Gtex/s, _8.3 Grop/s

Looking from the other direction, Maxwell power consumption is almost half for similar perf as Kepler on the same process,

GTX 750 ti (GM107) : _60 W, 1306 Gflop/s, 88 GB/s, 40.8 Gtex/s, 16.3 Grop/s
GTX 650 ti (GK106) : 110 W, 1425 Gflop/s, 86 GB/s, 59.4 Gtex/s, 14.8 Grop/s

Benchmarks at Tom's Hardware. Hardware details on NVIDIA's blog. Highlights: Lower ALU latency, real shared memory atomics, texture and global data now go through same shared cache.

The Witness - Marsh Update
The great visual style continues on The Witness. This is the ideal game for 8xSGSSAA.


  1. Looking forward for your summary on http://schedule.gdconf.com/session-id/828316 when it happens.

  2. Should be an awesome talk, likely a continuation of what was presented at the Valve event (those slides and videos are public now in case you didn't see them).